Cashyy Tube (App Review) - Another Fake?

Cashyy Tube makes claims that you can make heaps of money, but is that really true? In this review I'll be answering that question.

Cashyy Tube (App Review) - Another Fake?

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Undoubtedly, the temptation of earning a lot of money within minutes of installing a new app is enormous. Who doesn’t want easy money?

Don’t be fooled. Apps that claim to pay you hundreds for a few minutes of playing games, watching videos, reading, and whatever else, in my experience, are always fake.

As the saying goes: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

This time I’m having a brief look at another new pop-up app – Cashyy Tube. I’ll share a small tour of how the app looks and how it works.

If you’ve landed on this Cashyy Tube review wondering “Is Cashyy Tube real or fake?”, I’ll tell you straight up now — It’s a fake.

This review applies only to the app called "Cashyy Tube". The app known as just "Cashyy" is unrelated and should not be confused with this app. Please compare the screenshots below if you are unsure.


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What is Cashyy Tube?

Cashyy Tube is an app for Android that markets itself as a way to earn money and prizes quickly by playing games, watching videos, reading news, and opening random gift boxes.

Cashyy Tube was created by “Team Kolala”. However, this is likely just one of the many names used by the same developers behind many of these fake cash apps.

The advertisements for Cashyy Tube make extraordinary claims: that with this app you can earn hundreds of dollars within minutes just by doing those aforementioned tasks.

People have downloaded this app over 1 million times from the Google Play store. It requires at least Android 8.0 (Oreo) or above to install.

Cashyy Tube is listed as an “Early Access” app, thereby hiding true user feedback.

Is Cashyy Tube Legit or a Scam?

Cashyy Tube is a fake GPT (Get-Paid-To) app that will not pay you a cent. Cashyy Tube does not pay real money, or anything else.

As some users have experienced first-hand, Cashyy Tube does not pay, even after paying the transaction fee.

It follows the same recipe as many other fake apps like TikTube, VicTube, WowTube, etc. and is likely developed by the same Hong Kong-based company.

If you've installed this app and have been bitterly disappointed by it, don't despair. There are ways to make money online, but this app is not one of them.


When I opened Cashyy Tube for the first time, I was surprised.

The interface is getting more polished and flashy every time I see a newer variant of this scam.

This edition of the app allows you to earn coins by watching short videos, looking at a (single) webpage, and a News tab that shows you a list of games instead 🤔.

None of that actually matters though, because the coin earnings come mainly from watching the advertisements.

There is also a “Gift” tab in the app. It’s like a prize-winning simulator where you can win nothing that’s tangible.

Every 30 seconds or so a pop-up appears awarding bonus coins. You have a choice. Take it as is or double it by watching an ad.

These options also don’t matter, you’ll be forced into an ad anyway. Might as well double the coins and watch a video. The horror will be over soon!

As you reach 5000 coins, your rewards for watching videos will come to an almost screeching halt. Videos that paid you 500 coins before will be paying you less than 1 coin.

This is all to push you to keep watching as many advertisements as possible before cashing out becomes available.

Upon hitting 5000 coins, your joy will shortly turn into disappointment and then to bitterness.

At first, they'll make you feel like your money is being processed. Then they'll give you 72hrs to watch 30 more videos or else you'll lose all the money you redeemed.

The developers want to make money out of you as fast as possible, so to hurry that up, they even let you forgo the 30 videos and give you the opportunity to pay them a transaction "fee" directly instead!

Funny that.

Unfortunately, if you’ve become a victim of this app, they don’t have a proper contact page where you can unleash your rage, just a link to a YouTube video with comments disabled and a random email address on the Google Play store which they’ll probably never respond to.


Cashyy Tube is another fake cash app that won't pay you anything. Please don't waste your time lining their pockets, uninstall it.

Most importantly, don't pay the transaction/service fee Cashyy Tube requests, you will only lose money.

Fake cash apps like Cashyy Tube are always being released under new names and with new gimmicks. The sole purpose of apps like this and its other variants is to make a quick buck for the developers.

However, there are usually indicators that give them away, so it's key to learn what these indicators are, are so you don't get taken for a ride.

Spot The Fake

You can save time and money by knowing key factors to spot fake cash apps. Check if it...

  • Advertises that you can earn a lot of money quickly.
  • Is an "Early Access" app on the app store.
  • Asks for money so you can get your money.
  • Has no proper channel of contact/support.
  • Is a scam by searching the app name with Google.

If the app hits any of those notes, you may be looking at a fake app, so proceed with caution.

Real Alternative Apps

If you've unfortunately been trying to make money with Cashyy Tube, I suggest uninstalling it. Try some proven legitimate apps that actually do pay.

Better yet, try some survey websites such as PureProfile or SurveyTime. These generally pay better for your time than apps that pay you to play games.

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