Funzine (App Review) - Can You Really Earn Reading News?

Funzine claims that it will pay you big money just to read the news. Is Funzine real or another fake? This review will answer that question.

Funzine (App Review) - Can You Really Earn Reading News?

Imagine being paid to read the news? Kind of a crazy idea right? I mean, after reading all the covid-19 and other related news over the past 2 years our wallets would be overflowing!

Funzine, an App for Android claims that it will pay you the big bucks just to read news articles. Is the Funzine app real or fake?

In this small review, I'll see if it really lives up to its advertised claims.

What is Funzine?

Funzine is an Android app marketed as a way to earn money by reading news and current affairs. It also has a mystery boxes that claim to allow you to win prizes like iPhones among other things.

Funzine is in a state of "Early Access" and is free to download from the Google Play store. You will need a device running at least Android 5.0.

Due to being an early access app, there is no visible rating, however, it sure has a lot of downloads at over 500k.


I'll be honest, from the moment I saw this app I knew it was going to be a scam. It uses the same advertisement template that is used for other fake apps.

Despite this, I'll give you a mini tour of the app so you can see it in action anyway.

When you first start up the app it will give you a so-called bonus and tell you what you need to do to earn more money, which as you already know, is apparently reading the news.

Sadly your only choice of news you can read is none other than Fox News. Its inbuilt web browser is atrocious and more often than not fails to load most news articles.

This doesn't matter however because the fake cash is only earned by leaving the app running and watching... you guessed it... ads, not reading news.

The app also has a "Gift" section where you can watch more ads to open blind boxes for pretend products you will never get... yaaay.

Lastly, once you've collected the minimum amount of play money you can start your fake redemption process. I didn't bother hanging around to collect the minimum $360 balance needed as it was taking too long when I started getting close to the $360.

If you've reached the point of actually redeeming your balance, they will ask you to enter your account email and do a pretend "confirmation". The app then tries one last attempt to get more money out of you by threating that you won't get your money unless you either watch more ads or pay them a "service fee" (don't do this).

Regardless of what you do, you won't get any money.


You will not earn anything from Funzine. Its claims of big dollars are made to pull you in, but those dollars are made of nothing but thin air. It's a duplicate of other fake earning apps like Tik Tube and likely made by the same developers.

  • Reviewed Version: 1.2.1
  • Developed By: yiplinastudio
  • Requires: Android 5+
  • Availability: Worldwide
Fake/Scam App
Rating: 0/10
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Is Funzine Legit?

Quite simply no. Funzine is another fake earning app and you won't see a dime. Don't waste your valuable time on it, instead try a legit alternative if you want to earn a little money on the side.


If you're looking for some apps or websites that really do pay for you to play games or complete tasks, here is a small list of suggestions.

  • Mistplay
  • JustPlay
  • MoneyRawr
  • Prolific
  • SwagBucks
  • OctopusGroup

Hope you have enjoyed reading!

Disclaimer: This is an independent review & this article has not been sponsored.