Shping Review - Earn From Receipts & Reviews (2023)

Can you earn money from scanning your receipts? I've been trialling this shopping side-kick app and have been impressed with the results!

Shping Review - Earn  From Receipts & Reviews (2023)

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I rarely get excited over an app, but there are some exceptions when I find one that’s addictive, personally useful and pays you to use it. This app is one of them.

Welcome to Shping! (“shh-ping” if you’re wondering).

I’ve been testing this app out for the last several months, and I have to say, I’m impressed with the results so far. It’s a great feeling to get money straight back into your bank account from something you typically might toss away, receipts!

So, without further ado, let’s get into the review.

What is Shping?

Shping is an app and platform that connects consumers with brands and rewards them for performing certain tasks and buying selected products.

What does that mean? Well, with Shping you can earn money by scanning & reviewing products, uploading receipts, and following the social media pages of brands. You can also receive a cashback on buying specific “booster” products.

Shping is available for Android and iOS (Apple) devices and works like a shopping companion for all retailers like Coles & Woolworths, IGA, The Reject Store, Kmart, Amazon and much more.

The app can also help you with your shop. You can create shopping lists and digitally store loyalty cards like Flybuys or Everyday Rewards to use at the checkout. Pretty handy!

Using Shping

How To Get Started

Getting started using Shping is super easy, and you can start earning within a few minutes.

  1. Get the App
    First, you need the app to start. You can download Shping from this link or search for it on your phone’s App Store.
  2. Sign Up
    After starting the app, you’ll eventually get to the sign-up screen. You can sign up with your email address or through a social media network.
  3. Watch Tutorials
    Once you’re in the app, I highly recommend watching the tutorial videos. They not only show you how to use the app, but they also reward you with your first Shping Coins (and a good amount too!) You can find all the tutorials by clicking “Menu” on the navigation bar and then choosing “Video Tutorials”.
  4. Start Scanning
    Now head to the shops or your pantry and start scanning your favourite items! Click the ‘+’ button on the home screen, then “Scan Barcode” . But don’t go too crazy, there are some limits in their Fair Usage Policy.
  5. Scan Your Receipt(s)
    One of the fastest ways to earn is by scanning receipts. Shping accepts receipts up to 7 days old. So if you’ve been to buy groceries today, or in the last week, grab out your receipt and scan it!
  6. Review Products
    Pick out some of your favourite products you love to use, scan them and write about why you love them! For extra coins, upload a photo of your item or even do a video review if you’re keen enough!

Shping Tips & Tricks to Earn More

From my time using Shping, I’ve picked up some tips to share to get the most out of the app. So I thought I’d share them with you DollarSeekers!

  • Add receipts via Loyalty Card screen.
    If you’ve used a loyalty card with your purchase, I have to emphasise the importance of doing this. If you tap on a loyalty card in Shping, there will be a “Add Receipt” button. Uploading your receipts from this button will increase your Shping Karma, which you need if you want to level up faster.
  • Buy the “Coin Booster” items while on sale.
    Each week, Shping adds a new lot of Coin Booster items. I highly recommend only buying the items already on special at the supermarket, especially if they are half-price. This will help you get some of those items extra cheap!
  • Earn Shping coins when the Shping Coin dollar value is lower.
    The amount of coins you receive for completing tasks changes with the value of Shping Coin. That means you can earn more coins per task when the value has dropped.
  • Redeem Shping coins when the Shping Coin dollar value is higher.
    To get the most money for your coins, the best time to cash out is when the crypto currency price has increased. You can watch the Shping Coin price here.
  • Check for missing booster coins.
    Occasionally, the receipt scanner doesn’t recognise all the products on a receipt, or it mistakes them for another similar product. Make sure to check you have received points for all booster items and contact support if any are missing.
  • Forgot to Activate Booster.
    I’ve done this a few times. If your receipt was just uploaded moments ago and hasn’t processed yet, you still have a small window to activate the boosters. Otherwise, might be a good idea to reach out to support.

Shping Review

I’ve been writing this article for a little while, and all through it, I’ve been in a battle with my word processor. It is convinced that what I really want to write is “Shipping”.

But I must concede, each time I see “Shping” I think... “Shipping” and that’s what I thought the app was called until I watched one of its tutorial videos.

Is that a problem? Not really, things have strange names all the time - take this blog as an example DollarSeeker... what a silly name!

I digress.

Regardless of the name, I cannot knock how rewarding Shping has been.

So far, I have withdrawn a little over $117 from the app and I have been using it for nearly 4 months. This does not include the $45 of Shping coins I am still yet to withdraw.

I have earned most of this money from a mixture of scanning receipts & barcodes and from coin boosters - which are a little like a cashback. While it takes a little extra time to scan a receipt or product and post the odd review here and there, to me, the reward of using Shping has outweighed the small amount of time to spend doing these things.

Shping has a level system that encourages you to complete different tasks (roughly 8 tasks per level). Leveling up is not too difficult. You can gain a couple of levels in a month or two. Currently, I’m on Platinum, the second highest level after 4 months. The reward for leveling up is an increased reward multiplier. At the highest level, you will receive 1.6x the points of basic level. This definitely makes it addictive.

That said, things aren’t always rosy.

I have had to contact support several times due to booster items on my receipt not being recognised and thus not receiving my “cashback” on them. Now, this isn’t entirely Shping’s fault. Supermarkets often have very vague descriptions of products which Shping tries (and sometimes fails) to figure out.

Despite those issues, the support team has been a pleasure to deal with. They have consistently resolved my booster coin issues within 2-3 days. But I do have to recommend that Shping users double-check that they’ve received all the coins owed to them.

The app lacks a little on the usability side as well. For example, If I receive a “like” on one of my reviews, there is nothing to click on to see the review that they liked and there’s also nowhere for me to see all the product reviews I’ve posted. Simple things that would make the app easier to use.

One thing that I’ve been avoiding in the app is the Shopping List feature. The reason is... it’s just a bit convoluted. I have used several shopping list apps and Shping has by far the most difficult to use.

In theory, the shopping list feature is impressive, it compares prices & shows you specials. You can divide your list into things you get “occasionally”, you can find things by name, barcode or category and it can give you separate lists for each supermarket to buy at to get the best prices. However, the shopping list interface lacks simplicity.

I’ve also had difficulty finding products I want. For example, “Coles Lite Milk” should be easy to find, but brings up no results. This is why I still continue to use a different app for my shopping list. I hope this feature improves soon.

However, there are many things about Shping that I love. One cool feature I recently found was that I can search for an old receipt for the products that are on them. This is great for checking an old price, or even for refund purposes!

I also love that you can withdraw Shping Coin directly to your personal bank account without going through the hassle of doing so through a third party like Coinbase (though this option is available if you want to).

Coin statements are a neat feature as well. I only wish that it showed a breakdown of the sources from which you earned the coins (boosters, receipts, etc..).

I could go on, but the fact is, I’m a little addicted to Shping now and I won’t visit a supermarket without using it. Overall, while it has some improvements to be made, it’s a great app to help you get some money off your shop and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Final Thoughts

Many “earning” apps turn out to be a bit of a waste of time, so I’ll be honest that I was initially sceptical about Shping. But now having used it for months, I’m so glad I tried it. I’ll be continuing to use it as part of my weekly shopping routine.

To be honest, when comparing other loyalty systems like Flybuys or Everyday Rewards, I’ve found Shping to be just as rewarding as those standard loyalty systems. I really hope the Shping continues to be as rewarding as it has been so far because I’d definitely recommend it!


  • The highest-paying receipt scanner I've personally used.
  • Diverse ways to earn coins and the level system makes it fun.
  • The shopping list compares prices at several retailers.
  • Cash-out directly to a Bank Account or CoinBase.
  • Active and helpful support.


  • The receipt scanner misses items occasionally.
  • Shping Coin value is volatile and can unexpectedly drop.
  • Difficult to access past reviews, and older scan history.
  • The referral system is a bit basic, with unclear rewards.
  • Karma system needs a clearer in-app explanation.
  • The shopping list feature is a little convoluted.

What Others Say

This review wouldn't be complete without some comments from around the internet to show what others thought.

"This app is one of the best apps to make money and also save money from stores. From my experience just scanning a couple of products which takes a couple minutes can earn like $2. This may not sound like much, but in reality all it takes is some scanning and you make easy money!" - waterpotato
"Doesnt have a help option to dispute receipts Downloaded for a specific promo product they were doing. Brought item from specified store. Uploaded receipt, no promo points Saw item needs to be mapped. No problem, mapped item. Still no points Item not showing as mapped. Option to map now gone. Other products I mapped were fine though..." - Jada Ching
"Some extra $$s for shopping, if you have the time and inclination. Just don’t wait too long between cash outs, the Shping funding is based on the crypto market so the value changes more often than a hot dinner and has sadly been on a downward trend for quite a while" - Gadgetgirl111111

Shping Questions

Is Shping Legit?

Yes. Shping is definitely a legit app that does pay. As mentioned at the outset, I have personally used Shping and requested several payouts to my bank account. So far all withdrawals have hit my bank within a few days.

Shping also works with several big brands and it's even been featured by news networks like Channel 9 and Sunrise. Shping is the trading name for Authenticateit Pty Ltd who are based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Finally, they have backing from an open community that you can connect with through your typical social media websites and Discord.

Is Shping Worth It?

Yes! Based on my own experience, I've earned roughly $100 in just over two months of using Shping. How much you earn will vary depending on your monthly withdrawal limit, the value of Shping Coin at the time and how actively you're taking advantage of the app's features.

Overall, adding Shping to your shopping routine doesn't require much time or effort to reap great benefits. But the more effort you put in, the more you will get out.

What ways can you earn with Shping?

Shping has several avenues for earning Shping Coins.

  • Scanning product barcodes.
  • Uploading store receipts.
  • Written or video product reviews.
  • Adding new unknown products.
  • Submitting missing product pictures.
  • Following promoted brands.
  • Watching product advertisements.
  • Purchasing selected "booster" products.
  • Watching app tutorial videos.
  • Inviting friends.

The most rewarding of these is usually the uploading of receipts, followed by buying the coin "boosted" products of the week (which work more like a cashback)

How does Shping Karma Work?

Shping karma is a way Shping rewards its users for their honest & valuable input. It’s also a requirement to reach higher multiplier levels. All new users start with a score of 60 and the maximum karma you can have is 99.

You can earn karma through video reviews, uploading receipts via loyalty cards and receiving “likes” on your product reviews. The only way to lose karma is by abuse of the app, review system, or going beyond reasonable limits.

For more information, read about Shping karma.

Why do my earnings fluctuate?

If you're noticing the dollar value of your Shping Coin going up and down, don't panic! Shping Coin is a crypto-currency and its value fluctuates like many other crypto-currencies. This can actually allow you to earn more money by withdrawing at the right time.

You can watch the value of Shping crypto on websites like Coinbase. This will help you pick a good time to cash out.

What Receipts Can I Upload?

Shping accepts all valid Australian Tax Receipts from retailers. They can be physical receipts scanned through the app, or screenshots/PDF documents of digital receipts. I have even tested a screenshot of an email from a McDonald's purchase.

Is Shping Available Internationally?

No. Shping is currently limited to Australia. However, they have plans for a global launch in the near future.

What Does Shping Get Out of This?

This is a good question, I suggest reading over Shping's White Paper found on this page. It will give you a good overview of how Shping functions behind the scenes and what its goals are with all the data it's collecting.

Shping Alternatives

There aren't really any alternatives to Shping that I've come across that replicate its features. Instead, you might have to try some similar cashback apps.

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