10 Paid Survey Sites to Join for Aussies (2023)

In this article, we've put together 10 great choices of survey panels, specifically for Australians you can start with today!

10 Paid Survey Sites to Join for Aussies (2023)

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Looking for a place to start earning extra money on the side? Look no further.

Survey websites are a great way to earn those few more dollarydoos. They can help to pay for that item you want or take the sting out of your next grocery/subscription bill.

You can easily make $20 or more each week without using up too much of your time. Some dedicated survey-takers (surveyians? 🤔) even claim to be making hundreds every month!

Keep in mind, survey sites will not replace a reliable income stream. You won't be getting rich from taking surveys, but they can help give a small boost to your budget.

But where can you start?

Well, I've compiled a list of 10 (plus a few bonuses) survey websites you can join now that are legitimate, that do pay, and are great choices for Australians.

If you're not from the land down under, you can still give some of these survey panels a go. Most of these sites allow registrations from around the world.

Oh, and be sure to read our list of survey-taking tips, they'll definitely help if you're getting started.



I want to start this list with one of my favourite survey websites, Prolific.

After trying many survey websites, I found Prolific to be one of the highest-quality sites around. Your opinion actually matters in these surveys.

Prolific doesn't dish out heaps of surveys to complete, in fact, you may only get a couple per week. This may not sound good at first, but when you do get surveys, they pay pretty well on average.

In 11 days of joining, I received 4 surveys which earned $10AU in total. They actually have a minimum hourly rate on surveys, which is rare to see.

Prolific's focus is on quality surveys and they have a higher expectation of their members.

In fact, there is a waiting list to be on the platform. I waited a week to get approved.

Despite the wait time to get on the site, I highly recommend trying it. Once you're in it's pretty good and you get some of the most varied surveys around.

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: £5.00
Earning Options: Surveys
Earning Potential: £6.00 p/h minimum.
Reward Options: PayPal


  • High-quality surveys.
  • Good earnings for your time.
  • Clean mobile-friendly interface.
  • Low payout threshold of $5 GBP.


  • Identity verification and registration acceptance took a week.
  • Payouts are in Pounds and only processed on certain days.
  • No referral links for friends, or other earning methods.
  • Website only, no mobile app.


Swagbucks is a very popular survey website that has been around for quite some years and you will see why.

As mentioned, Swagbucks has been a kind of mainstay and has been considered one of the top sites to use to earn money online. Overall, it claims to have paid out over $830 million to members. Crazy!

SwagBucks often has many surveys you can complete as well as other opportunities to make money. You can take up offers like playing selected games and registering on other websites.

One thing to do when choosing a survey is to compare the points rewarded to the time the survey takes. Try to go with the most rewarding surveys first.

SwagBucks also offers a cashback program for shopping at certain stores. But, there are better cashback programs around than what they offer.

There are some extra ways to earn, including a trivia game called SwagBucks Live and SwagStakes where you can win points. You can also refer friends and get a sweet 10% of their point earnings.

The minimum withdraw amount depends on the reward you want to redeem. There are options for Paypal, Amazon, Dan Murphys, Starbucks, Foot Locker and heaps more.

The smallest eGift Card is 300SB for a $3 Amazon gift card. You could earn this simply by registering!

Overall, Swagbucks is definitely a great site to be on for variety.

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: $3.00
Earning Options: Surveys, Games, Offers, Cashbacks, Referrals & more.
Earning Potential: $0.10 - $2.00+ per survey.
Reward Options: PayPal, Amazon & various gift cards.


  • Lots of surveys to complete.
  • Many payout options including eGift Cards for stores.
  • Other ways to earn with offers and games.
  • Daily goals.
  • Cashback program.


  • The mobile app is unpolished.
  • High chance of not qualifying for many surveys.
  • Survey quality can be poor and repetitive.
  • Can pay less than other survey sites available.

Toluna Influencers

Toluna is another popular survey website where its members "inspire change in real-time and get rewarded for it".

Toluna has a lot of supporters and over 20 million members worldwide. It's easy to see why, it's fun, has plenty to do and has some of the best reward options around.

The website is very simple to use. You can choose what type of survey you want to attempt from 3 categories: Priority Surveys, Quick Surveys and Premium Surveys. All offer different amounts of points.

A quick survey can offer around 4,000 points whereas a premium survey can offer about 12,000 points. To put that in perspective, a $12 Spotify eGift Card costs 35,500 points - not too bad.

When you're done with surveys, you can try out the polls, community contests and games on offer.

These points can be redeemed for a heap of great rewards. Options include Paypal, eGift cards for Coles, Anaconda, Bunnings, Netflix, Spotify and loads more.

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: $10.00
Earning Options: Surveys, Polls, Games, Competitions & Referrals.
Earning Potential: $0.50 - $4.00+ per survey
Reward Options: PayPal, Spotify, Coles, Fexi eGift Cards


  • Clean simple mobile-friendly website.
  • Different ways of earning are available including Games.
  • Different levels of surveys are offered.
  • Rewards for Australian brands including Coles, BWS & Bunnings.


  • Surveys with filled quotas are sometimes still shown.
  • Points can take a while to credit from instantly to up to 6 weeks.
  • Some questions can be repetitive.


PureProfile is a popular survey website and another one of my favourites. According to PureProfile statistics, it's most popular in New South Wales.

Based in NSW, PureProfile is a little less popular than other survey sites. It has just over 1 million members but has given out over 1.5 million rewards to them.

Unlike the previous survey websites, PureProfile uses a concept of a feed and "activities" you can complete. Your feed fills up with different activities you can complete and these activities can either be paid surveys or unpaid questions to build your profile.

Paid activities I've seen can range from $0.10 - $12.00 or more, but this largely depends on the activity length.

Data from surveys conducted through PureProfile have appeared in various articles and news websites, such as KidsSpot.

In my experience, I've been able to earn $20.00 per week from PureProfile alone. The majority of surveys are around the $1 - $4 mark. So $20.00 is easily attainable in order to redeem a reward.

Reward options can vary, however, PureProfile is one of the few that allows you to link your Bank Account to receive money directly. Other options include movie tickets and Flexi Gift Cards which can be converted into various other store gift cards.

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: $20.00
Earning Options: Surveys & Referrals.
Earning Potential: $0.10 - $4.00+ per survey.
Reward Options: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Flexi Gift Card


  • Mobile-friendly website with a simple activity feed.
  • Uses a real money balance rather than points.
  • Most surveys have a decent pay rate.
  • $20 Refer-A-Friend bonus is great.
  • Bank Transfer is a great option.


  • Some surveys turn out longer than estimated.
  • Can run out of surveys to take.
  • High minimum payout threshold of $20.00
  • Takes up to 5 business days to receive a gift card redemption.
  • Support is slow to respond.


OctopusGroup is trying to set a new bar for survey panels by being one of the highest-paying panels of them all.

OctopusGroup is an Australian-owned ISO 20252 certified survey panel that wants to shake the survey industry up. They're doing this by aiming to be one of the higher-paying survey panels around. As of 2021, they have paid over $4.3 million to members.

If you like sites like Prolific, Octopus Group falls into the same area of premium survey panels. They pride themselves on quality surveys and data for their clients.

Surveys provided cover with all sorts of interesting subjects. Though they have a minimum required balance of $20.00 to cash out, their surveys pay quite well.

The only difficulty is that there aren't a lot of surveys going around. Filling out your profile is crucial to giving you the best chance of getting surveys.

Once you get to that $20.00 mark, you have a few options. They offer bank transfers, eGift Cards or to donate to charity. They do not offer PayPal unfortunately.

Lastly, OctopusGroup offers a great referral program. They give you $1 for referring someone and $1 for each survey they complete up to $19. Some dedicated members have earned thousands in referrals alone!

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: $20.00
Earning Options: Surveys & Referrals.
Earning Potential: $1.00 - $7.00+ per survey.
Reward Options: Bank Transfer, eGift Cards, Charity donations.


  • Good pay rates for surveys.
  • A simple mobile app is available.
  • Interesting variety of surveys.
  • Bank Transfer available.


  • Not many surveys to take.
  • Their mobile app can be a bit buggy.
  • Higher minimum payout threshold of $20.00.
  • No PayPal option.


PrizeRebel is a popular site you'll find on many lists. It is trusted and has been around for a long time.

If you want to have several survey panels housed under one roof, PrizeRebel does just that. They have partnered with 8 different survey panels including Toluna, YourSurveys, OpWorld and more to ensure you always have surveys on hand.

PrizelRebel is really easy to sign up with and the redemption process is just as easy. PrizeRebel uses a point system and has several avenues of earning including loads of offers from several Offerwall providers as well contests.

The minimum needed to cash out is a cool $2.00. In fact, if you joined now, and did several surveys I wouldn't be surprised if you're redeeming your $2.00 or $5.00 within a few hours from now.

PrizeRebel pays pretty quickly, so if you need a few dollars fast, you shouldn't have an issue doing that there. They also have one of the biggest ranges of eGift Card options I've seen, quite similar to SwagBucks.

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: $2.00
Earning Options: Surveys, Offers, Contests & Referrals.
Earning Potential: $0.5 - $2.00 per survey.
Reward Options: PayPal, Amazon, Coles, Officeworks, and various eGift Cards.


  • Lots of survey options to choose from.
  • Great range of reward options.
  • Fast redemption process.
  • Good range of earning options.


  • Pays lower amounts per survey.
  • A number of surveys may not be applicable to you.
  • The website isn't as mobile-friendly as it could be.
  • No mobile app.


SurveyTime boasts a new and different way to get paid for surveys that reward you (almost) instantly!

SurveyTime is a new take on traditional survey panels. It pays you a flat rate of $1.00 USD for every survey you take. Pretty cool.

Technically though, they actually do offer $0.50 USD cent surveys as well.

The best thing about SurveyTime is, you get paid straight after completing the survey, there's no minimum balance to build, just an instant payment to your PayPal, Amazon or even Bitcoin wallet.

SurveyTime is super simple to sign up with and the website is clean and full of silky-smooth animations. They also have a mobile app too which is just as good.

If you're looking for a quick dollar, it's hard to go past SurveyTime. It also beats many other survey sites that pay less than $1.00 per survey. I'd always check here first before doing any survey worth less than $1.00.

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: $0.50
Earning Options: Surveys
Earning Potential: $0.50 - $1.00
Reward Options: PayPal, Amazon, Bitcoin


  • Simple to use.
  • Really nice looking site & mobile app.
  • No minimum balance requirements.
  • Consistent fast payment.
  • Bitcoin Option.


  • It's still $1 for really long surveys.
  • You don't know how long a survey is till you start.
  • You only get sent 1 survey at a time.
  • Lots of email alerts.


OpinionWorld is another solid choice. It is an Australian-only survey panel and has a few different offerings.

According to their website, OpinionWorld pays out some $470,000 to their members and hosts some 2 million surveys every month. It is backed by Dynata, a global leader in data insights that is behind several survey panels.

OpinionWorld has a few differences from some of the other common survey panels around. First, it has a loyalty system that rewards you for remaining active on the website and completing surveys.

Secondly, though I haven't personally been invited to any, they claim to also offer opportunities to do product testing as well as advert reviews and physical tasks called "missions".

To me, OpinionWorld sits around the mid-section of survey panels. They pay a little better than others and they have a cashout threshold that isn't too high but isn't that low either.

OpinionWorld has two good cashout options, a Flexi eGift Card which offers you many choices at various retailers and also a PayPal cashout option.

Overall, OpinionWorld is an okay panel to have around to keep your options open for more surveys.

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: $10.00
Earning Options: Surveys, Product Tests
Earning Potential: $0.50 - $3.00 Per Survey
Reward Options: PayPal, Flexi eGift Card


  • Better per survey payouts than other competitors.
  • Low-ish cash-out threshold.
  • Loyalty badge system.


  • Points expire from inactivity.
  • Some users have reported customer service difficulties.
  • No mobile app available.


Purkle is a little less-known survey site based in Australia and is only open to those living in Australia.

While Purkle is lesser known, it has been around for some time and was previously known as Nine Rewards.

Purkle places importance on profile matching for surveys. Because of this, you will receive fewer surveys than sites like Swagbucks or Prize Rebel. However, the surveys you do receive are more tailored to your interests.

Personally, I receive about 2/3 surveys per week to around the value of $5. Some users have reported earning over $200 per year with Purkle.

It's not going to replace any income, but it's a nice way to earn yourself a little extra to buy a treat.

Purkle doesn't allow you to cash out money with Paypal or to your bank, but you can redeem your virtual balance as eGift Cards or put it towards a couple of other ticket options which is nice.

One cool thing Purkle offers is a quarterly Visa Gift Card prize draw. You can earn entries into the draw by completing surveys.

While I wouldn't consider Purkle to be a leader in the pack of survey sites, I would put it somewhere around the middle. Not the best, but good to have around if you've exhausted your better options.

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: $16.50 (Hoyts Movie Voucher) / $20 for Purkle eGift Card
Earning Options: Surveys, Focus Groups, Prize Draws
Earning Potential: $0.20 - $3.50+ Per Survey
Reward Options: Flexi eGift Card, Hoyts Movie Voucher, Ticketek Gift Card


  • Higher pay per survey than sites like Prize Rebel / SwagBucks.
  • Nice selection of options for the eGift Card.
  • Can refer friends and family.
  • $1 reward for completing your profile.


  • The dashboard is a bit outdated looking.
  • Fewer surveys than other providers.
  • No PayPal or direct transfer options.
  • Limited earning opportunities.

Survey Junkie

To finish off this list, I've picked Survey Junkie, it's popular and simple to use.


You'll often find Survey Junkie mentioned when discussing survey panels, mainly because of its popularity. Survey Junkie boasts over 10 million members! So just a few.

Its popularity is for good reason, it's a well-polished service and it's easy to use. However, I wouldn't consider it to be a high-paying survey website. Most surveys pay less than $1.00 with a few exceptions. This puts it more on the same level as PrizeRebel and SwagBucks.

Survey Junkie does offer a large number of surveys, however with many surveys, I've found that I get screened-out of a number of them despite having my profile filled out.

Another earning opportunity Survey Junkie has is called "Survey Junkie Pulse" which is a browser extension that shares your internet browsing information to help you get more targeted surveys.

Something I do really like about Survey Junkie is its low threshold on payouts. You only need to accrue 500 points on your account to cash out $5.00.

Survey Junkie offers PayPal as a payout option, which is excellent. But if you're in the USA you'll have some more options to choose from.

Lastly, Survey Junkie does have an app for both Android and iOS. I tried to use the Android app, however, found it wasn't available in Australia.

Quick Details

Minimum Payout: $5.00 (USD)
Earning Options: Surveys, Focus Groups
Earning Potential: $0.10 - $2.00+ Per Survey
Reward Options: PayPal (AU), eGift Card (USA), Bank Transfer (USA)


  • Polished & visually appealing website.
  • Low payout threshold.
  • A good number of available surveys.
  • Has an affiliate program.


  • The mobile app wasn't available in Australia.
  • A number of surveys may not be applicable to you.
  • Limited earning opportunities.
  • Limited cashout options for Australians.

Bonus Mentions

Of course, the previous list is not a complete list by any means. There is a load of survey websites around the world that accept participation from Aussies. If you're looking for just a few extra, here are some to check out!

  • ValuedOpinions
    Another popular survey panel with good reward options. Also from Dynata who is the company behind OpinionWorld.
  • Life Points Panel
    Life Points is another good contender that has been around for some time and has a solid backing from its users.
  • OpinionPioneer
    This survey panel orders surveys in the highest paying order. Also has a lower payout threshold.

Survey Taking Tips

While it's easy to sign up for several survey panels, you might be wondering how to make the most of them or avoid being disqualified.

We've written an article full of helpful survey-taking tips to do just that which I recommend checking out.

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