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The following is the list of methods from which this blog receives funding.

Direct Funding
Readers that enjoy articles on this blog can make direct donations towards this website through buymeacoffee. This is completely voluntary and I appreciate the support.

Google Adsense
This blog also makes use of Google Adsense. Advertisements may be displayed in or around articles and we may earn a small amount when an ad is clicked or shown.

Lastly, we may use referral/affiliate links in various articles where they are relevant. Examples include Domcomp & various survey site links. When these links are clicked by a reader and a purchase is made by them, we may receive a commission from the sale.


I do not accept payment for favourable reviews and all reviews on this blog express my honest personal opinion. If you would like your app/website reviewed you can contact me, however, I will give my honest opinion whether it is good or bad.

This disclaimer may be updated from time to time.