JustPlay - App Review - Is It Legit?

In this JustPlay app review, I'm giving it an honest go and I'm going to answer those egging questions – Is it legit? What does it pay?

JustPlay - App Review - Is It Legit?

The first time I heard of JustPlay was from ads appearing while I was playing some other mobile games. Like most ads for money-making apps, it was super cheesy (though not the worst I've seen around), and less than believable. But in this JustPlay app review, I'm giving it an honest go to see what it's all about and I'm going to answer those egging questions – Is it legit? Does JustPlay pay? Can I earn decent money or is it a waste of time? Can I cash out every 3 hours?


What is JustPlay?

JustPlay is a mobile app in which you get paid to play games. From those games, you collect points which can then be "cashed out" for real money for yourself or, if you're feeling generous, you can also donate that money to one of a select few charities. So far JustPlay is only available on Android 7 and newer, no iOS version sorry!

If you've played other GPT (Get-Paid-To) play games apps it's similar to the likes of Mistplay but more simple in both design, function, and offerings... which may or may not be something you're looking for.

JustPlay is free to download and use. It doesn't require registration to get started and only requires a few pieces of information to cash out earnings.

Is JustPlay Legit?

To cut to the chase, yes! JustPlay appears to be legitimate and does what it claims. I was able to successfully cash out to my PayPal account and I received the money very quickly. Looking at reviews around it appears many others have reported the same.

As of writing the app has an average rating of 4.4/5 with over 5 million downloads. While JustPlay has mostly positive reviews, there are some frustrated players with issues contacting support, not getting their payout, or venting about small earnings.

While researching reviews, I noticed there was a little confusion on TrustPilot. There appears to be another brand unrelated to this app which also goes under the name of "JustPlay". Unfortunately, some users haven't noticed the difference and have left both positive and negative reviews on their page instead, whoops!

What rewards does JustPlay Offer?

Dedicating a bit of time to playing games that JustPlay offers will net you some in-app money.  After building up a balance you can choose to do several things with it and these depend on where you live. In Australia, I could:

  • Withdraw the balance via Paypal.
  • Withdraw the balance as an Amazon(.com.au) Gift Card.
  • Redeem the balance as a Gift Card via RewardLink
  • Donate the balance to one of a few select charities.
Note: There are some minimum requirements - You'll need a minimum balance of $2 to cash out via Paypal and a minimum of $1 to cash out with an Amazon Gift Card. Cashing out will typically require an email address, your name and your residential address. You may also be required to video verify your face, so keep those details in mind if you're privacy savvy.

How much can I earn?

A free lunch each week? Seriously though, the pay is fairly low and I wouldn't sink serious time into this. If you play at least a few hours each day you can probably expect several bucks by the end of the week, but don't have high expectations.

So what is the cash value of JustPlay points? Well, this is probably the biggest issue with this app – you have no idea how much your game points are worth until they are calculated every 3 hours. I suspect the value of points may depend on several secret factors. The value of 1 point could be $0.000002 one moment and $0.000005 the next, you simply won't know and that is a pretty big bummer to me since you could spend hours and be rewarded poorly for it.

Now I'd like to point out something I noticed. Before my first withdrawal, the value of my collected points certainly seemed higher, watching a video was worth 10,000 points and PayPal did not have a $2 minimum requirement as I was able to cash out before that. Afterwards, however, the $2 minimum was enforced, and it seemed much slower to earn money than before - not great.

My Experience

I've been playing with JustPlay for about 2 weeks now. I found the app super easy to use after installing it from the Google Play store. There was no registration required and it had a few tutorial hints on how the app worked to start with.

My initial impression of JustPlay was that it appeared neat, clean and appealing. There were no annoying ads on the main interface that got in the way and obscured functionality and it was pretty clear what I needed to do next - install and play games. I've found other similar apps can have too many features that can make them a little confusing to navigate or know exactly what to do next, JustPlay is not one of them.

On the dashboard of the app, there is a list of "Featured" games to play, these ones appear to be created specifically for JustPlay, which isn't a bad thing. All the featured games are pretty quick to install and easy-to-play puzzle-based games. I rather took a liking to Treasure Master, Merge Blast & Mad Smash to waste away a few minutes here and there.

The one issue though with the featured games is that they can start feeling like a grind. They're a bit too simple and there's not much of a feeling of progress in them.

If you like to really get into your mobile games, you'll definitely want to head over to the "Offers" section to download one of the games in there instead. Like most other Offerwalls, you'll get paid in points to download and play games, but you'll usually need to complete some requirements in order to be rewarded, such as reaching a certain level - this can take days or weeks of playing though!

Note: Games from the "offers" section need to be launched from within JustPlay or progress may not be tracked.

Moving on, there was another way to earn some bonus points by watching videos. Unfortunately for me, there didn't seem to be that many videos to watch and it only worked about half the time.

Finally, after 3 hours and for every 3 hours after, I get a giant colourful notification telling me I've got money to cash out, YAY! (this notification got a bit annoying after a few days, boo). Cashing out was pretty easy as well, after filling in a few personal details and a video verification my balance was transferred to PayPal - the whole process of which took maybe 1-2 minutes. There was no delay in payment which I was pretty happy about.

So now that I've tried everything I think there is to try, here are my final likes & dislikes.

What I Liked

  • No account/registration is required.
  • Featured games are easy to play.
  • Clean, modern and straightforward interface.
  • Donating your earnings to charities was a nice surprise.
  • The minimum value to cash out is low.

What I Didn't Like

  • Earnings seem to drop after the first cashout.
  • Featured games can get repetitive.
  • The value of earned points appears random with no indication of worth.
  • Sometimes there are no available videos to watch.


JustPlay is a legitimate way to make a few dollars on the side if you have time to spare, but don't expect good earnings for your time because point values fluctuate to low amounts randomly.  The point "Goal" is a nice touch to give you something to aim for, but without knowing how much you're earning it feels a bit dead in the water.

The featured games will likely get repetitive after some time with little replay value, but the Offers section can mix things up. JustPlay is pleasing to the eye, straightforward to use and there is a low barrier to cash out which is awesome, however, your earnings are only calculated (by some secret formula) every 3hrs so your in-app balance only updates at those times. Another plus is giving your cash to a few select charities, which not all other apps offer.

Despite its flaws, I quite enjoyed giving JustPlay a go. Its got some things right, but its negatives let it down. If you love simple puzzle games and have a bit of spare time each day then this might be your cup of tea. Will I continue to use it? Probably not, but I'd probably revisit it in the future. Give it a shot and see if it sticks for you.

  • Reviewed Version:
  • Developed By: JustPlay GmbH
  • Requires: Android 7+
  • Store Links: Google Play
  • Availability: Worldwide
Payout Verified
No Registration Required
Rating: 4/10
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JustPlay Earning Tips and Tricks

Just some little tips and tricks for JustPlay to take note of if you're having a go at this.

  • Always launch games from the JustPlay app.
  • Complete offers on the "Offer" page to earn the most points.
  • The longer you play some games, the harder it is to earn points so keep installing and playing new games.
  • Treasure Master is a fast point earner. Video ads only seem to show on the "Game Over" screen.
  • There are more "Featured" games than what is shown, most games by "Gimica GmbH" on the PlayStore pay you points.
  • Mix up your sources of points by completing an easy offer (Like a quiz), playing a couple of games and watching a video. I seemed to get better money for my points when doing this, but this could have been a fluke.
  • I found Ball Rush more enjoyable than other featured apps, and it pays points fairly ok. You will need to install this from the Google Play Store yourself as it's not shown in the JustPlay app.

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Disclaimer: This is an independent review & this article has not been sponsored.