Money RAWR (App Review) - Legit Easy Money?

Money RAWR claims to pay you to play games. In this review, I'll share my experience and answer the common questions: Is it legit? How much does it pay?

Money RAWR (App Review) - Legit Easy Money?

There are a lot of "Get Paid To" (GPT) apps out there to use, especially so for earning from playing mobile games. Understandably, it's hard to pick which ones are actually worth your time.

So today I’m reviewing another app called Money RAWR which claims to pay you to play games and complete other small tasks.

In this review, I'll be discussing what Money RAWR is, how to start using the app and what you need to do to earn.

I'll also be answering questions like: Is Money RAWR real or fake? Does it really pay and how much money does it pay?

Let's begin!

What is Money RAWR?

Money RAWR is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) app for Android that allows you to earn monetary rewards for playing selected games or completing small, somewhat easy-ish tasks.

If you've used other game apps like MistPlay or JustPlay, the idea is pretty much the same.

Money RAWR was created by the Money Rawr Company. It is free to download from the Google Play Store and you don’t need to pay anything to start earning money with it.

As of writing, it has a rating of 4.2 and over 5 million downloads. So that's not too bad!

If you’re hoping to find an app for your iPhone, I’m afraid you'll have to keep looking. This one is for Android only.

Getting Started with Money RAWR

As mentioned earlier, you can download Money RAWR from the Google Play Store. All you’ll need is a device running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer. The first thing you’ll need to do is install the app.

After installing, you will need to accept the Terms of Service and register an account.

Registration is pretty simple. You can use your existing Facebook or Google account or you can register with your personal email address. They will also ask for some extra information, including your age and gender, as you will see below.

You will receive a request to grant Money RAWR permission to track your app usage. You don’t need to worry though, this is a standard for apps like these which reward you based on using other apps.

Once you’re all registered and permissions allowed, you are ready to start earning immediately by downloading some of the suggested games.

How to Earn with Money Rawr

With Money Rawr, you earn "coins" for the successful completion of a task. Earning comes through about 4 different methods.

  1. Playing Games
    By playing the suggested games, you earn coins either by completing a level or for the amount of time you play a game. Note that the longer you play games, the amount you earn from them decreases.
  2. Completing Offers
    Money Rawr has an "offerwall" (run by Digital Turbine). Offers can include: playing games, installing apps, signing up for new services or doing surveys/quizzes.
  3. Surveys
    You can also earn coins by completing surveys. Surveys are provided by BitLabs.
  4. Referring Friends
    Money RAWR offers a referral program where you can earn 25% of all the coins your friends earn.

Once you earn enough coins, you can redeem your earned coins for real money, or vouchers at particular retailers.

Offers & Surveys were not initially available after installing the app. These methods became available after several days of usage.

Money RAWR Rewards

Money RAWR offers different rewards based on your location. In Australia, at the time of writing, the only real money reward available is PayPal.

You can also purchase discounts for different retailers such as Nike, VetSupply, Windsor Smith, Pharmacy Online, etc. However, these only appeared a couple of weeks after I had started using Money RAWR.

My Experience

It took a little while to decide how I felt about Money Rawr. I say this because several days after I had been using it, the entire way of earning changed.

Initially, upon registration, I was greeted with a bonus of 4499 coins (A value of about $0.60 worth). While this doesn’t appear to be much, it is very close to the minimum threshold of a cash-out, so in my opinion, this was a decent bonus for just installing the app.

The first Paypal redemption tier was $0.67, which required 4999 points, so I only needed 500 to get my first payout.

Looking at the list of games to play, there was only 1 available. Yes, just one game.

I downloaded it, then low and behold, two games appear!... After downloading those, more games appeared again. It was a bit of a strange system, but I was happy to see more variety than just a single game.

At this stage, most of the featured games were paying out a little over 100 coins per minute of play. This, however, changed later. I’ll explain in a moment.

After collecting enough for a payout, the experience of cashing out was a little strange. Money Rawr opens an in-app web-browser displaying the PayPal login screen.

To me, this is very odd. There is no way to verify that the PayPal website you’re seeing is legit or a phishing attempt. I wasn’t going to take chances, so I decided to use my alternative PayPal account.

It turns out Money RAWR wants to link it to your PayPal account to accept payouts (like a subscription service does). This is different to most other apps and services I’ve tried, which usually just send money to a PayPal email address.

Immediately afterwards, I was notified by PayPal that there had been “unusual” activity on my account and it forced me to change my password. I wasn’t the first to get this. I saw reviews from people saying the same thing.

I had doubts about the legitimacy of the app at this point until several hours later; I received both payments. There was no more suspicious activity on the account as well - whew!

This is where things change. I stopped using Money RAWR for a few days. Later, when I re-opened it, the whole method of earning changed.

All new games were paying coins per level completed, not time. All the apps I had previously installed that paid per minute had their coin rates drop dramatically. There was an Offerwall available and a new surveys category available too.

How MoneyRawr Transitions (Left: Day 1, Right: 3 Days Later)

The change was bittersweet. All the new options for earning were great, but I sure missed the time-based earning.

Despite those things, I found the app pretty easy to use and navigate. I like that the app shows your earning history and payout history. It’s a good way to verify you’re receiving coins.

Only once did I have a problem with not being credited with coins for playing several levels of Tile Garden, but that could have been my fault for not launching it through Money RAWR.

Money RAWR also shows you which apps you’ve installed and the rate/earning method, so it is transparent in that regard.

Money RAWR has a referral system where you can get 25% of all your friend’s coins, which is a neat feature.

I was able to earn and get payouts relatively quickly. Its minimum payment threshold is low enough to make you feel you can actually earn a little something.

I probably put in under 10 hours into actually playing the games offered, so I only earned a few dollars in total.

About the pay, however, consider this - Farm Hero Saga is offering me 107 coins/level. I need 4999 coins to get $0.67. If it took me 3 minutes to complete a level and maybe watch an ad, it would take me a little over 2 hours to earn that.

If that’s anything to go by, this is a very low earner. For that reason, can only recommend this app if you need to make a quick dollar.

It’s definitely not the worst app of this type, but I wouldn’t consider it great either.


Money RAWR is a legit GPT app that does pay. It’s simple to use and navigate, though it does require registration and linking to your PayPal account, which I wasn’t a fan of.

Realistically, if you’re serious about earning online, the pay really isn’t worth the time you need to put into the games. But if you just like to play games and don’t care too much about the time involved, you can earn a little something back with this.

Money RAWR is average at best and not an app I would recommend for ongoing earning.

Quick Details

  • Legit Android App
  • Requires registration
  • PayPal Payment Available
  • Minimum Payout is $0.67AUD (4999 Coins)
  • Earn via Games, Surveys, Offerwall & Referrals


  • Low threshold for payout.
  • Has a referral system.
  • Variety of different earning methods after a period of time.


  • Initially doesn't have many ways to earn.
  • Coin earnings decrease with time.
  • Very low earning potential.

Money RAWR
  • Reviewed Version: 4.6.0
  • Developed By: Money Rawr Company
  • Requires: Android 5+
  • Store Links: Google Play
  • Availability: Worldwide
Payout Verified
Registration Required
Rating: 4/10

Common Questions

Is Money Rawr Legit?

Yes, Money Rawr is a legit GPT (Get Paid To) app that really pays for you to play games and complete offers.

I personally was able to cash out 3 times. My total earnings were only $1.36, but I had no issues redeeming my points through Paypal. As you can see, don’t expect to earn much from doing so.

How Much Can I Earn With Money Rawr?

Don’t expect much. The money-to-time ratio is poor, however, if you’re simply looking to earn several dollars per week, it's possible with Money RAWR.

Note that if you prefer to save your points for higher payouts, there are small discounts on the required points for larger payouts.

In just under 1.5 hours of installing Money Rawr, I was able to earn about $1.36 after installing some games and getting the install bonus credits.

However, the earning difficulty increases with time and you will need to continue installing new apps and completing other offers to keep earning.

Once you have completed all the accessible offers, you may find earning points difficult until some new offers appear.

Most legitimate apps like Money RAWR pay little for playing games and that’s why they can’t be regarded as a serious way of making any money. But for small pocket change, they're not too bad.

What's the value of Money RAWR coins?

In Australia, 4999 points is equal to about $0.67AUD. This puts a coin's value at around $0.000134 per coin.

So if you're earning 100 coins per level (or minute), you are earning just over 1 cent per level/minute (depending on the mode your app is in).

There are minor discounts on higher payouts, but it's a very tiny discount.

What Information does Money Rawr ask for?

To get paid by Money RAWR, they ask for some information about you to check if you are a real person and to prevent fraud. So that you know exactly what is going to be expected, here’s a list of information I needed to provide.

To sign up and create an account, you will need to provide this information.

  • Age
  • Email
  • Gender

When you are ready to cash out to PayPal, for example, these additional pieces of information are requested.

  • Facial Video Verification
  • Email Address Verification
  • Linking your Paypal account.

It is important to note that you have to provide this to get paid, so if you feel that you don’t want to, best try another way of earning.

Money RAWR Earning Tips

If you're looking for some Money RAWR earning tips and tricks, I've compiled a small list of things I learned during my time using the app.

  • Play as much as you can in the first 24-48hrs after installing the app.
  • Only target all the high coin-value games.
  • Complete offers on the Offerwall.
  • Only launch games through Money RAWR to ensure tracking.
  • Refer a friend to earn 25% of their coins.

Feel free to share your tips too!

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Disclaimer: This is an independent review & this article has not been sponsored.