PlaySpot - App Review - Is it Worth It?

In this review, I'm going to share my thoughts on this app and see if PlaySpot is worth the time and effort.

PlaySpot - App Review - Is it Worth It?

Coming off the back of the JustPlay app review, I found another app that surprisingly looked quite similar to it - this app is called PlaySpot. Is PlaySpot a legitimate "play to earn" app or is it a scam? In this review, I'm going to share my thoughts on this app and see if PlaySpot is worth the time and effort. I'll also be looking at the expected earnings and the things I liked and did not like about PlaySpot. Let's dive in!

What is PlaySpot?

PlaySpot is an Android mobile app that pays you to play games. From those games, you collect reward points which can then be "cashed out" for real money through PayPal or redeemed for vouchers for Amazon or the Google Play store.

PlaySpot is very similar to JustPlay, so if you've used that before, this will feel very much the same. In fact, it has many of the same games to play as well.

PlaySpot is free to download and use. It doesn't require registration to get started and all the featured games are also free to play.

Apple doesn't allow these types of apps, so if you're looking for an iOS version of this you won't find it. PlaySpot is designed to work with at minimum Android 5 and newer.

Is PlaySpot Legit or A Scam?

Use caution. The answer to this question isn't so straightforward. Because earning points was so slow, I haven't yet been able to earn enough with PlaySpot to cash out and verify if they do in fact pay out. I've noted that some users of the app have painted a rather mixed picture, some saying they do pay, whereas a number of others say they don't.

So beyond what people say about it, I've looked around for other clues. I've noted some additional things you would do well to consider.

  • PlaySpot's website is completely defunct and its Terms Of Use page is non-existent.
  • They know their website is defunct because they have a domain specifically for displaying the Privacy Policy (as linked in the Google Play Store).
  • The developer behind PlaySpot is Soft Baked Apps GmbH. Using the Wayback Machine I was able to pull up the old, archived Terms of Use which states that they are the developer (See Below). Why is this important? It is the same company that pays out on behalf of JustPlay. But JustPlay actually pays out and appears legitimate (See the JustPlay Review).
  • PlaySpot has a sliding banner listing people and their cashout amounts. These banners are typically fake. I noticed that no one ever cashes out below $2o despite there being $5 options. I also noticed someone apparently cashed out "$22", which isn't actually possible according to the rewards that are offered🤔.

There are then the Google Play reviews on PlaySpot of which the majority are positive. PlaySpot has 4.3/5 stars from over 600,000 reviews as of writing, that's pretty astonishing. However! Turning to TrustPilot shows some users who never received their cashouts.

After all those points, I personally don't trust it much. But if I manage to get a payout soon, I'll update this review to reflect that. For now, all I can say is to be cautious and make your own assessment.

What Rewards Does PlaySpot Offer?

After collecting a whole bunch of points from playing games you're going to want to cash them out for some REAL rewards. In Australia, these options are displayed:

  • Cashout to PayPal in the amounts of $5, $20, $50, $100 & $200.
  • Cashout to Amazon( vouchers: $5, $20, $50, $100 & $200
  • Cashout to Google Play vouchers: $25, $50, $100, $200.

In order to cash out you'll need to build up the required points for them. At a minimum, you'll need 5000 points to get $5 via PayPal or Amazon.

How Much Can I Earn?

If you've got your eye on that $200 PayPal cash out, hold up there! I would really recommend spending your time elsewhere to earn that amount instead. It's going to take you a long time of grinding to get anywhere close to that. Many people have spent months saving up enough just to get the $20 voucher.

So what is the cash value of PlaySpot points? Since you need 5,000 points to get $5, the base conversion would be 1,000 points = $1.00. Which puts the value of a point at about $0.001. There are however discounts on the points needed for the higher-value vouchers.

How fast do you earn points? Each game rewards you differently and it depends on the game. Some of the featured games give you anywhere from 1 - 10 points per level. In some games, such as Ball Rush, you get more based on how long you last so it can be higher. In most of the games, however, you're going to be watching a lot of ads and that's where the biggest time sink is.

Ultimately how much you earn depends on how much time you've got to put into these games. Realistically though, if you're really looking to earn quickly, your time is probably going to be better spent elsewhere.

My Experience

I've had PlaySpot installed for about a week now. The app is easy to get started with. Like JustPlay, you don't need to register an account. You can install it, then install a few offered games advertised and your point balance will be ticking over in no time.

When I first started up PlaySpot, it gave me a bonus of 1,000 points (About $1 in value) - which I thought was nice. Looking at the list of "Featured" games I immediately noticed they were pretty much all the same ones as those offered by JustPlay, which makes sense given they are associated.

PlaySpot's interface is simple and pretty much self-explanatory. I was not impressed with the sliding banner up to the top with recent cashouts which to me is clearly fake - nor did I like that force refreshing the app triggered watching a video.

PlaySpot also has a concept of user "Levels". You start on the Junior level and when you reach 9000 points you are upgraded to Pro level. The main advantage of being Pro is that you get "higher payouts". I guess that's a goal to shoot for if you plan on keeping this app around. Though just how much of a higher payout remains to be said.

The games themselves are nothing to get exiting over, most of them a relatively simple puzzle games that you will probably get bored with after a while unless you seriously love puzzle games.

Almost all games made by Soft Baked Apps will give you points in PlaySpot even if they are not listed in the "Featured" games list, so check out their developer page on Google Play for some other games to play.

Other than the featured games there is also the Offerwall where you can mix things up and play some longer games for higher rewards. Each game offered on the Offerwall will have its own set of requirements (Like reaching a specific level) for you to earn your points reward so be sure to read them before installing the games. Keep in mind the requirements may take days or weeks to achieve before you see a reward for your efforts.

Note: Games from the "offers" section need to be launched from within PlaySpot or progress may not be tracked properly.

Other than the Offerwall and the featured games, you can also earn points by watching videos. The first video is worth 200 points, and then every video thereafter only gives you 2 points, which hardly seems worth it.

So let's get down to what things I liked and did not like.

What I Liked

  • No account/registration is required.
  • Featured games are easy to play.
  • Points are redeemable for Google Play gift cards.
  • Points needed are discounted for high-value gift cards.

What I Didn't Like

  • Terms of Use have been removed.
  • Frequent notifications are annoying.
  • The video watching reward went from 200 points to 2 points.
  • Fake sliding "cashed" out banner.
  • Featured games can get repetitive.
  • Featured games' point rewards are really low.


PlaySpot is a little sketchy and the rewards for playing a somewhat poor. If you have time to spare it might be best spent on other ways to make money.

While the featured games are simple to play, they get repetitive quickly so earning the low number of reward points offered really feels like a grind. The "Pro" upgrade for getting to 9000 points is a nice goal but seems a bit out of reach for those just starting out.

I doubt I'll continue to use this, but I may keep PlaySpot around just to verify the cashout claims. After that, I think I'll be uninstalling this, it's just too slow and unrewarding to keep it around so I personally wouldn't recommend it. If you're deciding between JustPlay and PlaySpot, I'd recommend JustPlay unless you want to do the double rewards trick (below).

Rating:  1.5/5

PlaySpot Earning Tips

Earning points for PlaySpot is slow, and if you insist on trying it I only have a few tips for you.

  • Always launch the games from the PlaySpot app.
  • Complete as many offers on the "Offer" page as you can for the best earnings.
  • Try out different "Featured" games, some reward you with more points than others.
Double Rewards Trick
I do have one little trick though. If you install both JustPlay and PlaySpot and install "Featured" games that appear on the dashboards of both apps (e.g Hexagon Match) you can earn points for both apps at the same time! For each level of Hexagon Match I completed, I got 3 points with PlaySpot and 4000 points with JustPlay.

Apps Similar to PlaySpot

Since I personally don't think PlaySpot is a good choice to earn money with, I'd recommend checking out some different apps or alternative ways to make money online or with your mobile. Some other similar apps to PlaySpot are:

App Details

App Name
Android 5.0+
Store Page(s)
Google Play
Soft Baked Apps GmbH
Website (defunct but viewable on WayBack Machine)

Disclaimer: This is an independent review & this article has not been sponsored.