Mass Scanner (App Review) - Is it legit?

Mass Scanner is a GPT product scanning app. Is Mass Scanner all that its ads claim it to be? Or is it yet another fake earning app? Let's see.

Mass Scanner (App Review) - Is it legit?

These days both physical and online stores place a large emphasis on collecting data for building consumer trends to better market their products to you in a more targeted fashion.

Something that has appeared in recent years that assists in building consumer trends is the scanning of receipts and of purchased products. In exchange, you're usually offered a very small reward. There are some legitimate programs around which I intend to review in the future, however, not all are.

Mass Scanner is based on the idea of scanning products... sort of. Is Mass Scanner all that its ads claim it to be? Is legit or is it yet another fake earning app? That's the main question this article will answer.

What is Mass Scanner?

Mass Scanner is a GPT (Get Paid To) app for Android that's freely available for download from Google Play. The name is very generic, so in particular, I'm referring to the app developed by "Sunwear.Beem".

At the time of writing, Mass Scanner is marked as an Early Access app with a little over 5,000 downloads and there are no public reviews because of being in the Early Access state.

Mass Scanner claims that just by using it to scan the barcodes of products, you can make a bucket load of money and have it sent to your PayPal or CoinBase wallet among other various forms of payout methods.

Is Mass Scanner Legit?

No. Mass Scanner is another fake earning app that follows the exact formula of Tik Tube and other apps.

Despite the claims from the poorly scripted and translated ads. You will not see any money from Mass Scanner.

Mass Scanner is literally the same fake cash app as seen before in the likes of Vic Tube, Funzine and Tik Tube, just in a new skin with a different task.

You can earn the minimum 5000 points required for a payout in several minutes and you don't even need to scan anything, just keep clicking the floating icons and watch the forced ads.

When you go to redeem your hard 5 minutes of laborious clicking and watching of mind-numbing ads, you'll have the privilege of being told you need to watch more ads or else pay them $1.99 to get your money.


The bottom line is Mass Scanner is a fake cash app that should be avoided. Unless you like the thrills of messing with fake apps and scams, don't spend a moment of your time on Mass Scanner because you won't get that time back and you certainly won't see any returns.

Mass Scanner
  • Reviewed Version: 1.0.1
  • Developed By: Sunwear.Beem
  • Requires: Android 4.4+
  • Availability: Worldwide
Fake/Scam App
Rating: 0/10
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Avoiding Fakes

It literally pays to avoid fake earning apps. So I have some simple questions you can consider when looking at new apps.

  • Is it in Early Access?
  • Does it make big payout claims?
  • Does it ask for money when you want to get paid?
  • Does it require little effort?

If it hits any or all of these points, it's very likely to be fake. One thing to always do is check for reviews or people outside the Google Play store. That will give you a good idea of whether or not to proceed using the app.

Disclaimer: This is an independent review & this article has not been sponsored.