About this site

About this site
A photo of a baby Koala. Magnetic Island, Australia.

In these times, on the back end of covid-19 and with the cost of living rising, making ends meet can become an increasing struggle. Dollar Seeker is an independent blog launched in November 2022 about earning and saving money in all aspects of life so that you can save to do fun things in life like baby Koala spotting (above). This blog is written from the perspective of an average Australian with a deep interest in technology.

In this blog, you will find various content, such as...

  • Being frugal when out and about.
  • Finding better prices for travel and holidays.
  • Earning money with Get-Paid-To services and apps.
  • Creating passive income streams.
  • Finding side hustles and employment inside and outside the box.
  • Reviews and comparisons of apps & websites.
  • Utilizing websites and tools to help you find the best prices on products.
  • Currently running special deals and competitions.
  • And much more...

Many online blogs are usually written by and for people in other parts of the world. Dollar Seeker is different, being geared more towards the average low-to-mid-income Australian, though much of its content can still be applied internationally!

This blog doesn't provide financial advice and no content should be understood as such, but it does have various ideas and tips I've come to learn over the years of trying to be frugal. Feel free to contact me with your ideas and tips on saving and earning money too!